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We just love sweets!

Sugar Milk offers fresh brewed black, jasmine green, and oolong tea. All three teas are premium loose leaf teas from Taiwan that are brewed fresh everyday. You can get these teas in different variations like milk tea, which is tea with creamer and sweetener or a Teafresher which is fruit flavored teas. Our most unique option is our Cheese Tea, which originated from China. The name Cheese Tea usually throws a lot of people off but it is actually a really well balanced drink of sweet and savory. What it is, is a sweetened tea topped off the a whipped cheese mousse, it sits on top of the tea, and drank without a straw at a 45 degree angle that way the tea goes through the cheese and you get the perfect combination of flavors. The cheese mousse itself is a foam or thickened whipped cream made with cream cheese. Our most popular flavor would be the oolong cheese tea. Another different tea that we offer is butterfly pea tea, which is a flower that originated from Thailand. The butterfly pea is a natural blue colored tea but when mixed with a citrus or acid the color naturally changes to purple. 


It's what's on the inside that counts

Other than boba tea, Sugar Milk also offers Hong Kong Style Bubble Waffles that are made to order and filled with soft serve ice cream and different toppings. Soft serve ice cream flavors always rotate into a different tea flavor such as, black milk tea, Thai Tea, taro milk tea, lavender earl grey, and matcha green tea.

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